Dinner on a Rainy Night at Boatwrights Dining Hall

Boatwrights Dining Hall DSC06873After our lunch at Liberty Inn, we roamed around Epcot’s World Showcase, taking photographs and collecting more pressed pennies.  We were back in Morocco when it started to sprinkle, so we decided to duck into one of the shops to wait it out.  It rained fairly hard for a while, and when it tapered back to light rain, we went over to the (covered) boat landing in Morocco.  At first, we didn’t think the boats were running – they shut down during thunderstorms, but then we spotted one on the return trip from Canada.

Boatwrights Dining Hall DSC06874

On the way to the bus stop to get back to our resort and dinner reservations at Boatwrights Dining Hall, we tried to stop off at Soarin’, but everyone else had the same idea and the wait on stand-by was 35 minutes (Fast Passes were gone).  We just didn’t have the time to spare, so we headed over to the bus stop.  By the time we arrived at Port Orleans Riverside at 6:40 p.m., it was raining VERY hard.  We waited for 20 minutes at the bus stop for it to let up, but it never really did, so at 7:00 p.m., we made a dash for it, soaking ourselves pretty good in the process.

We were promptly seated when we arrived at Boatwrights.  It was cheery and warm inside the restaurant, just the thing that we needed after spending the majority of our day dodging in and out of the rain.  The temperatures had dropped from the mid-90s to the low 70s and in Florida in September, that is a drastic change!

Gluten-Free Roll & Butter
Gluten-Free Roll & Butter

Chef Carlos gave me several gluten-free choices from their extensive menu.  He said that I could choose the Jambalaya, the Grilled Pork Chops without the Maque Choux, Grilled Tenderloin Medallions or the Blackened Fish Filet but without the Grilled Grit Cake.  He did not recommend the Pasta Shrimp, even though they could substitute the pasta with rice pasta.  They also could not accommodate me if I wanted the Buttermilk Fried Chicken, but since I had had fried chicken the night before (at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe), I didn’t mind.

Slow Roasted Prime Rib & Three Cheese Hash Browns
Slow Roasted Prime Rib & Three Cheese Hash Browns

I chose to have the Slow Roasted Prime Rib with the excellent Three-Cheese Hash-Brown Potatoes.  Instead of being served with Cabernet Sauce, Chef Carlos served it with au jus (which was just fine!).  They started my meal off with a gluten-free roll and butter….something that would never get old for me….to be served bread before a meal in a restaurant!

The Prime Rib was delicious!  I don’t believe I’ve ever had it before, so it was quite a treat.  It’s probably not something that I’ll ever have again as I prefer my meat to be cooked just a bit more, but I’m glad that I tried it.  Now the Three-Cheese Hash-Brown Potatoes were another matter.  I’d never had them before, either, but I just knew that I was going to love them!  What’s not to love about three cheeses and hash browns?  Multiple taste sensations in every bite – yummy!

Gluten-Free Brownie & Ice Cream
Gluten-Free Brownie & Ice Cream

I didn’t really have room for dessert, but I ordered some anyway.  Chef Carlos sent out a gluten-free brownie with vanilla ice cream and a garnish of blackberries & raspberries.  By this time, I’d eaten half a dozen of the pre-packaged gluten-free brownies, but it still tasted very good and when ice cream was added, it was even better!

We’d recommend dinner at Boatwrights if you’re looking for a quiet, intimate dinner atmosphere.  It was just perfect for us on that rainy night in September….very warm and welcoming and the food was delicious!

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  • April 12, 2013 at 6:45 pm

    You can order the Bananas fosters without the cake and it’s GF and Oh my word is it mind blowing.

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