Dinner at Denny’s – New Years Eve

Chopped Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Garlic Toast (not Gluten-Free)
Chopped Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Garlic Toast (not Gluten-Free)

We’re at Denny’s for dinner.  We found ourselves with no water in our apartment during the day today and they weren’t sure when it would be restored, so we checked into a motel.  Dad and I routinely have breakfast at Denny’s, but we never eat any other meal there.  They have a fairly large menu, although I am only familiar with the build-your-own Grand Slam as being gluten-free.  I’ve tried eating the same items at another Denny’s in Detroit, but met with unfortunate consequences.  Something wasn’t gluten-free, even though I thoroughly questioned the manager about ingredient listing and foods prepared on separate grills in the kitchen.

Fortunately, I never have any trouble with the Denny’s in our hometown.  It’s a different crowd here in the evening than it is when Dad & I come here for breakfast.  We’re here early enough in the evening to not catch the after-bar crowd, and that’s a good thing.  Our server’s name was Katie and she did a great job of taking care of us and several others in her area.

Build-Your-Own Grand Slam (Gluten-Free)
Build-Your-Own Grand Slam (Gluten-Free)

Rick ordered the Mushroom Swiss Chopped Steak with green beans and hash browns. It came with garlic toast on this occasion, although on a later visit, it came with dinner rolls.  He also ordered a Coke to drink.  It was a very good meal!  The portion was more than ample.

I ordered the Grand Slam (Build Your Own) with 2 sausage, 2 bacon, 2 eggs over easy, hash browns and a Coke.  Whenever I order my meal at Denny’s, I always ask the server to make sure that it’s served hot.  There has been a tendency in the past to receive your plate and it’s only warm.  On this particular visit, it arrived piping hot.

No room for dessert, although I honestly don’t know what dessert would be gluten-free.  Since I primarily visit Denny’s for breakfast, there’s no need to worry about the dessert choices.

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